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The East Kentucky Gearheads Car Club is a not for profit organization and its purpose shall be social in nature in order to help fellow car enthusiasts become better acquainted with each other and the automotive events throughout the area. To protect and promote the vintage car hobby in the Eastern Kentucky area, support area charities; promote tourism and the general goodwill of the community. The president and officers shall designate the place and time of regular, annual or special meetings.

If you are a car enthusiast, then you are also a gearhead. You know who we are, we are people just like you that really love our cars and we enjoy getting together with people like ourselves to exchange ideas and to talk about our favorite hobby, our car. It doesn’t make any difference if it is a 68 Charger or a 2008 Charger, we love them all and we like to meet and exchange information and ideas with people that feel the same way. So, come and join us at our next meeting, we know you’ll have a great time, and you just might learn something else about that 57 Chevy of yours that you didn’t know.

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